Welcome to the website of Merlin Mosion Simulators.

The purpose of this simulator is to be affordable yet powerful, easy to use, highly adjustable, modular and above all durable.

The first version will have a top platform to easily mount your playseat or existing simulator on top of, this is perfect for people like me who already own a playseat / racing simulator but want a simple option to add motion to their setup.

After release of the first production version ( planned: Q1 2018 ) there will soon be upgrades to 3, 4 or even 6 DOF..

Specifications of prototype version:

Pitch12 degrees of motion,max. 20 degrees per sec
Roll12 degrees of motion,max. 20 degrees per sec
Max tested payload.250 KG /560 lbs
PID calculations per second4000 calculations per second or 0,25 msec per operation.
Power Consumption240V: Standby: 10 wats, Nominal 100 watts, Max 500 watts.
110V: Needs to be tested, specifications will be available soon.
Dimensions / operating space
( L x W x H ) 150cm x 80cm x 135mm total including Playseat
Noise Levelmax 50 db *Fanless design / no noise when idle.
Extra FeaturesEmergency stop button, Custom easy to use software.

Specifications of final version will be subject to change, but will only improve.

Demonstration video of prototype version:

The top part of the frame will be redesigned and some parts you see still need to be replaced by the production version.


For any questions or more information please contact me.